Sarah Passalick, the dynamic Head of Content for Australian Radio Network in Darwin, is a familiar face and voice that resonates throughout the city. Her engaging presence extends beyond the radio waves, as she regularly connects with the community at local pubs, hosting lively trivia nights that have become a staple for locals.

A passionate advocate for community cohesion, Sarah actively participates in a myriad of local events, fundraisers, and sporting games, embodying her commitment to bringing people together. As a Variety NT Ambassador, she takes on a role that goes beyond her radio duties, going the extra mile to support and positively impact the community.

Away from the studio, Sarah’s love for dogs and dedication to supporting local sports teams showcase her genuine connection to Darwin. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm are a testament to her profound appreciation for the city she calls home.

Not just a voice on the airwaves, Sarah serves as a spokesperson for key events and causes in the local community, solidifying her status as a true champion for the spirit and unity of Darwin.

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