$13K for a pet bed? Gucci launches a pet collection

July 6, 2022 7:05 am in by

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Can you imagine spending this much on your pet?

We all spoil our pets in ways big and small, but Gucci has just redefined “pampered pet” with the release of its luxury pet collection.

The range includes dog and cat sized couches, collars, clothing and covers for food bowls as well as leashes, harnesses and travel accessories for extravagant getaways with your fur baby.

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Their website explains, “Each piece encompasses the joy and companionship that stems from the unique relationships between pets and people.”

Yeah yeah, we get all that companionship stuff, but who expected that to come at such a price?

(Okay, yes it’s Gucci, of course we did.)

The cheapest item in the range is a $295 pet tag featuring the Gucci logo and space to engrave your pet’s name, made from gold-toned brass. And the most expensive item is a bed resembling a mini sofa for $12,700. 

Obviously that sofa is for well-behaved dogs who would never dream of chewing your precious furniture out of boredom or doing a sneaky pee on it because it’s too wet and cold to go outside thankyouverymuch.

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And as one Facebook commenter noted: “Cats will always prefer the paper box gucci will use to send the cat’s bed.” 

Honestly, we think the real joy comes from watching these adorable cats and dogs play in the promotional video:

There’s also a pet carrier for $5,050 because if your dog is wearing Gucci, she definitely doesn’t deserve to stay at home where no-one can see her fabulousness. And you might as well team it with a travel bowl set for $6,645 to complete the set. Total cost: more than your average family holiday, looks like we’ll be camping next year.

Finally, you can also get a poo bag carry case starting at $570, bags not included. Actually, this might be worth it, those plastic bone-shaped poo bag holders are ridiculous.

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With all this expensive loot on your pet, you might want to invest in an air tag to track your darling in case she runs off. Hold up! Gucci sells a range of fashionable air tag holders to slip onto your pet’s collar, starting at $355. Better get two just in case and put one on that expensive coat.

Those who live through their pets will probably jump at the chance to buy Gucci for their fur baby even if they can’t afford Gucci for themselves. And those who can afford Gucci… well, can you send my dog a birthday gift please? A fancy little mat for $490 to sit under her current scratched up food bowl will be delightful! 

In the meantime, we’ll just wait for the inevitable knock-offs to appear. Fluffy won’t notice the difference, right?

Main image: Gucci website and Instagram


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