Bride Slammed for Planning to Serve Fried Chicken to Some Guests at Wedding

February 7, 2024 11:01 am in by

A bride’s wedding plans have sparked controversy as she disclosed intentions to order takeout chicken for guests due to budget constraints. With only catering arranged for 150 of the 200 guests, the bride sought cost-cutting measures by proposing to supplement the shortage with a tray of fried chicken from a fast-food chain.

In a private Facebook group post, the bride shared her dilemma, recognising that catering was the most expensive aspect of the event. To save money, she extended invitations to 250 people and instructed caterers to prepare for 150. She then suggested providing Raising Cane’s chicken as a backup option.

Bride’s Fried Chicken Wedding Plan Stirs Up Backlash Due to Inability to Afford Traditional Catering
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However, people were quick to criticise this decision, deeming it insufficient and questioning its suitability even for a buffet-style reception. Some advised considering alternative options such as adjusting the guest list or postponing the wedding to accumulate more funds.

On the other hand, some encouraged embracing the uniqueness of having fast-food at the reception, suggesting that it could add an unconventional touch. Would you serve fried chicken at your wedding to save money?