Do you have these top 10 dreams while sleeping?

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A company has uncovered the top 10 dreams Australians dream about during sleep, and the results may surprise you!

One third of our life is spent sleeping, which means a lot of dreaming time!

And while all of us dream, not all of us can remember them. 

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But if you’ve ever woken up from a weird dream or a nightmare, you’ve probably googled the meaning to find out what is going on in your subconscious.

A company in the UK has studied those Google searches to discover the most common dream symbols around the world.

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The #1 thing we dream about in Australia is teeth! discovered the top dream for us Aussies is our teeth falling out. But we’re not alone here, as this was the number one dream in the US and the UK too.

According to DreamMoods dream dictionary, dreaming about your teeth falling out means you’re not feeling very self-confident or you could be embarrassed or worried people will discover your shortcomings. But if you weren’t too stressed about your teeth falling out, it might mean you’re resilient and can handle any situation!

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The rest of the top 5 symbols

#2 – Pregnancy

This one’s a positive symbol, and if you’re a woman it’s unlikely to be literal (unless you have prophetic dreams, but that’s a whole other story!). Pregnancy is a metaphorical symbol of giving birth to something new. Something in your life is growing and developing, such as an aspect of yourself or ideas, projects or goals.

#3 – Crocodiles

Living in Australia, you’d think there’d be plenty of other terrifying animals to dream about first. Crocodiles are symbolic of freedom, hidden strength and power. But it could also mean someone around you is giving you bad advice, so maybe give this one some thought!

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#4 – Spiders

We knew we had to be dreaming about another typically scary creature. A dream spider has a lot of different meanings, from feeling like an outsider in a situation or trying to avoid temptation, to feminine power or an overbearing mother figure. (Better be careful who you share this dream with!) But it can also mean a powerful force protecting you against self-destructive behaviours.

#5 – Giving birth

Now that’s got to be terrifying for men! Similar to dreaming of being pregnant, it’s not literal and means giving birth to a new idea or project. It also represents a new attitude, fresh beginnings or a major event.

Here’s the full top 10 dreams in Australia

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What about other common dream meanings?

Some other common dreams that people all over the world have include falling (your life is out of control), being naked (shows your true self but depends on how you felt, were you vulnerable or free?), an ex partner (wanting more love/passion in your life), dying (not literal but a transition, saying goodbye to something in your life, such as a relationship or job), and being chased (depends on what’s chasing you and how you feel about it).

5 tips for interpreting your dreams

As the above shows, there’s lots of ways to interpret your dreams, and you can get lost in a dream dictionary for hours. So here’s some tips to help you make sense of those night-time movies in your head.

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1. Don’t try to interpret every single thing you dream about – just choose the strongest elements or what you felt most connected to.

2. Or you can ignore the symbols and focus on how you felt about the dream, this can help you interpret it better.

3. Ask yourself, “How is what happened in my dream like my life?”. For example, if you’re having trouble climbing over a wall in your dream, you might think about where you’re facing an obstacle in your life. Maybe it’s time to look at the issue and find a solution.

4. Keep a journal next to your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. This will also help you recognise recurring dreams and symbols.

5. Finally, remember that sometimes a dream is just a dream, and doesn’t have to have any significant meaning. It could just be you processing what happened in your day. Especially if you watched Stranger Things and then dreamt of dark scary monsters! Nothings out to get you… unless it is (go back to tip 3!).

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