Glasses-Wearing Whizz-kid Pleads to Apple to Fix The ‘Nerd Emoji’

December 1, 2023 10:38 am in by
Image credit: BBC

A clever young boy from the UK has taken it upon himself to fight for justice in the world of emojis. Meet Teddy, a 10-year-old genius who believes that Apple’s “nerd” emoji is just plain offensive!

Teddy, who happens to wear glasses proudly, couldn’t bear the sight of the emoji’s big, geeky grin. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and propose an alternative design. His new and improved “genius” emoji features smaller, cooler glasses and a much friendlier smile.

Credit BBC: Teddy’s proposed drawing of the ‘Genuis’ emoji showing a friendlier smile instead of teeth.
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In an interview with the BBC, Teddy expressed his deep sadness and frustration with the current emoji. “It’s absolutely horrible,” he said. “People will think we’re all nerds! And that’s just not fair.”

With the support of his teacher, Teddy launched an online petition to get Apple’s attention and urge them to reconsider their emoji design. He firmly believes that if he finds it offensive, there are probably thousands of others who feel the same way.

Credit: BBC – Ted with his teacher has created an online petition in a bid to change the ‘nerd’ emoji

Teddy’s campaign is about more than just one emoji. It’s about inclusivity and challenging stereotypes. He wants everyone to feel represented and respected, regardless of their glasses-wearing status.

So, will Apple listen to this young genius? Only time will tell. But we can’t help but root for Teddy and his mission for emoji justice. Let’s hope a little boy’s plea can make a big difference!

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By the way, Apple has made emoji changes before, like swapping out a realistic gun for a toy water gun and removing the blood from the syringe for a more pleasant vaccine experience. So maybe, just maybe, Teddy’s dream will come true.


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