Rare Aussie $1 Could Make You $3,000

March 9, 2022 3:30 am in by

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Turning $1 into $3,000 sounds like a magic trick, but you could very well achieve it if you have a mule coin in your collection.

What is a mule coin?

It’s a coin that has an error or something reversed on the coin.

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This example is in the error on the back of the Australian $1 coin.

There is a double rim that should not be present which makes this coin very sought after by collectors.

Basically, they used a 10 cent piece die to mint these particular coins by mistake which caused the double rim.

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When you are looking through your $1 coins, the date you need to be on the lookout for is 2000.

Collectors are prepared to pay big money for these, some fetching up to $3000, so get digging through that coin stash.

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If you happen to find one in your purse or wallet, let us know on Facebook with a photo!


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