The Darts World Rocked By Fart Allegations… Again

February 20, 2024 10:44 am in by Kelsey Nagel

At the MODUS Super Series, darts champ Darren Webster found himself in a stinky situation when he accused opponent Ron Meulenkamp of using flatulence to throw him off his game.

Despite initially leading 3-0, Webster ended up losing 4-3 to Meulenkamp, who had some “gas-tly” tricks up his sleeve.

After the match, Webster, feeling deflated, shook his head and stormed off, refusing to “toot” the horn of victory with his opponent.

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Taking to social media, Webster aired his grievances, saying, “Well when you play a guy who farts and stinks the stage out and denies it then kick you when [you’re] playing the stall every throw because they are s*** good luck for the future but I’m not interested in rant over.”

This isn’t the first time darts has been embroiled in a “whiffy” scandal; in 2018, Wesley Harms claimed there was a “fragrant smell” during a match against Gary Anderson, who adamantly denied any wrongdoing, swearing on his children’s lives that he was innocent of any “air-raising” activities.