Mixed reaction from the NT to the Chief Minister’s National Press Club speech

Member for Goyder Kezia Purick has backed the Chief Minister in calling out southerners who have expressed ill informed opinions about the NT during her National Press Club speech.

She told Katie Woolf the NT Government should also consider further diversifying the economy including bolstering the banking and IT industries.

Ms Purick says she doubts the government will reach its $40 billion economy by 2030 due to red tape.

Tourism Central Australia CEO Danial Rochford agrees diversifying the economy is vital, saying the NT Government is putting all of its eggs in one basket.

He told Katie Woolf attracting more airlines to the Red Centre would significantly help.

CDU Political Economist Professor Rolf Gerritsen says the government’s goal of a $40 billion economy by 2030 is quite aspirational especially with most of the current major projects being delayed.