NT businesses call for more consequences with crime at crisis point

October 6, 2022 3:37 pm in by
Local News


Crime is at crisis point, according to Northern Territory business owners, with many calling for tougher consequences for offenders.

The NT Chamber of Commerce is reassuring members it is listening to their concerns and passing them onto decision makers.

CEO Chamber of Commerce Greg Ireland says businesses want to see urgent improvements to address anti-social behaviour.

“Business is at the end of its tether with crime…particularly those with street frontage that are regularly having windows broken or acts of antisocial behaviour carried out on or within their businesses,” Mr Ireland says.

“There is a high level of frustration out there.”

He says he has met with police and Police Minister Kate Worden, who has flagged changes are on the way.

More consequences for offending, diversion for at-risk kids and community policing are among the calls from the business community.

“Business in general doesn’t believe there’s enough consequences being felt by people that are committing these acts around the place,” Mr Ireland says.

“Getting back to a focus on community policing, being more visible, getting out there and having conversations with the kids they find on the streets, becoming more engaged.”

With many businesses at breaking point, physically, emotionally, and financially, it is hoped the government’s new approach will work.

(Photo: Action for Alice 2020 via Facebook)