NT transit officers handed more power to tackle bus crime

September 19, 2022 8:20 am in by
Local News


From Monday 19 September 2022, passengers who misbehave on public transport risk being banned.

To create a safer and more pleasant environment for the travelling public and bus drivers, amendments have been made to the Public Transport (Passenger Safety) Act 2008 which gives Transit Officers more powers to address antisocial behaviour.

With administrative changes and relevant training now completed, Transit Officers will commence work with these new tools on Monday morning.

Under the Act, Transit Officers can now:

· issue banning notices to people who engage in unlawful or antisocial activity on the network, including on buses, at bus stops and at bus interchanges

· arrest someone if the Transit Officer is assaulted while acting in the course of their duty outside the vicinity of a bus or bus interchange

· arrest someone for a range of offences committed outside the vicinity of a bus or bus interchange, and

· deal with a person who assaults someone or damages property (e.g. rock throwing) within the bus network or a bus interchange, when the offender is outside a bus interchange.

More broadly, contracted security officers also have increased powers and can now demand a person to supply their name, date of birth and address, give direction and require someone to get off a bus or to keep away from a bus stop or bus interchange, but without the power to use force to remove the person.