How To Actually Chop Your Onions In 2023

January 3, 2023 3:26 pm in by

When it comes to the world of cooking hack TikToks, there’s definitely no shortage of content for you to lose literally hours of your day watching!

This handy chef that goes by the name of casa-tips has blown the minds of 84.5 million viewers on this one eye watering video alone!

@casa_tips White or red onion? which one do you prefer to eat ? Tell us in the comments. A fork + a strong peeler made in Germany = epic win ! #kitchenhacks #vegetablepeeler #casatips ♬ son original – Casa Tips
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Now if you’re thinking “yeahhh wellll, i’m not totally sure if this will actually stop me crying a river at first slice”.. maybe try some of these.

1. Don’t be afraid to switch it up! Try different knives to see what works best for you. A sharper knife might be the perfect solution, as it won’t release as many vapors into the air and cause your eyes to water.

2. Get in the zone – literally! Before you start chopping, step into another room or even another house to do your slicing and dicing. This will help limit your onions’ impact on your eyes and skin.


@poppycooks Reply to @kelliepooler THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! How to cut your onions like a pro 🧅🔪 #onions #knifeskills #masterclass #howto ♬ Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Paul Albert Anka
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4. Chill out – literally! Put your onions in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before you start chopping. This will help reduce their impact on your tear ducts, so you can get back to cooking with minimal tears shed.

Why do we cry when chopping these ogre like vegetables anyway (Layers)..

Onions contain a sulfur-based compound called syn-propanethial-S-oxide. When cut, this compound is released and reacts with the water in our eyes, forming an acidic onion vapor. This irritates the eyes and causes us to cry as a reflex action to expel the irritating substance.

So when all else fails…

5. Put on a snorkel mask, like seriously.. it literally works!

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Whatever you do, just don’t be this guy:

@gordon_ramsayy_clipss 🧅 chop chop.. #foryoupage #fyi #fyp ♬ original sound – Chef Ramsay Clips


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