Real-Life “Weekend at Bernie’s” Bank Caper Stuns the Internet

April 19, 2024 9:08 am in by

In an astonishing turn of events that could rival any comedic caper, a woman in Brazil was apprehended after attempting a bold and bizarre bank heist with her deceased uncle. The scene, reminiscent of the farcical plot from “Weekend at Bernie’s,” unfolded when 42-year-old Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes was caught on camera trying to secure a loan by using her dead uncle, 68-year-old Roberto Braga, as a co-signer.

The footage, which quickly went viral, shows Nunes at a Rio de Janeiro bank in Bangu, propping her uncle up in a wheelchair and attempting to place a pen in his hand to sign the necessary documents for a loan amounting to 7,000 reais (approximately $2,080).

The viral video captured Nunes imploring her motionless uncle to sign the loan contract, while a bank employee expresses concern over Braga’s pallor. Despite Nunes’s reassurances, suspicious staff contacted medical professionals who confirmed Braga had indeed passed away prior to their bank visit, leading to Nunes’s arrest.

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Further investigations are underway to ascertain the involvement of other family members and the timing of the loan agreement. This macabre incident has not only led to potential charges against Nunes for theft through fraud and abuse of a corpse but also sparked a manhunt for the rideshare driver who transported them to the bank. This story, as bizarre as it is tragic, serves as a reminder of the lengths some will go for financial gain.