Cops catch alleged teen taxi thief in Palmerston

September 13, 2022 7:37 am in by
Local News


The use of CCTV footage by Strike Force Trident members has proven instrumental in the arrest of 7 youths.

In the first incident a 13-year-old youth used a small hammer to threaten a taxi driver and demand money from him after the alleged offender caught the taxi to a Palmerston address on the afternoon of Thursday 8 September.

Following a brief altercation with the cab driver the youth was ejected from the cab and the driver drove off.

After obtaining witness statements and CCTV footage Trident members located the youth on Friday at Palmerston Shopping Centre where he was arrested and later charged with 1 x Assault with Intent to Steal and 1 x Serious Breach of Bail.

In the second incident, 2 youths who, together with an unknown co-offender allegedly broke into a business in Berrimah about 2:40am on 4 September and caused $500 worth of damage to the property and stole $1,000 worth of alcohol.

Trident members attended the business and reviewed CCTV of the offending and then conducted further inquiries which revealed that the 2 youths were also subject to several Police interactions in the 24 hours after the offence where they are captured on police body worn cameras.

The 2 were also arrested and charged for unrelated matters prior to being identified for the business offences. They have both been charged with the following in relation to the business break-in, 1 x Aggravated unlawful entry, 1 x Stealing, 1 x Damage to property.

Investigations are ongoing to identify the third offender.

In the final incident, a 17, 14, 12 and 11-year old were all captured on police CCTV breaking into Casuarina Shopping Village about 1:55am on Saturday morning.

A short time later the 4 youths were seen leaving the shopping centre with stolen property.

Police CCTV was able to guide Strike Force Trident and Casuarina members to the location of the youths.

They were all taken into custody and the stolen property was seized.

The youths will be considered for diversion due to none of them having any prior criminal history.